There’s lot of excitement about the wireless Web, particularly since the emergence of 4G technology is making the “pipes” bigger and faster. This has, naturally, generated a lot of excitement about wireless browsers.

But the question that needs to be asked whether the wireless browser matters or, for that matter, is that necessary. The reason wireless browsers don’t matter is simple: apps – be it for iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices.

Rather than fire up a Web browser to use an online service, it’s much easier and usually faster to use an app, particularly for services that are frequently used. The use of apps rather than a browser means wireless users can personalize their devices to meet their needs rather than having to a use-size-fits-all browser.

The availability and user-friendliness of apps means that my iPhone features apps that run GMail, WordPress, DropBox, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Yelp and Tungle. The only reason I would fire up Safari or Opera is to use something like Google Maps, searching for a telephone number or doing a Google search.

It means the wireless Web browser has become irrelevant. In fact, I could probably delete the browsers from my iPhone, and never really miss them.

Do you use a wireless Web browser? If so, why?


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