Good Eats Friday

by Candace Derickx

So much deliciousness to bring you this week, let’s get right to it!

First, I love food that’s bad for you. Really. So this recipe from Andrea at A Peek Inside the Fishbowl is right up my alley. Bring on the homemade pogo dogs!homemade pogo dogs

Candied bacon? Seriously, could this week of recipes get any better? Rebecca from A Bit of Momsensegot me excited with this recipe.

candied bacon blt

This recipe from Nicole at A Domesticated Momma makes me want to crack open a Guinness and listen to The Girl with the Black Velvet Band.

crockpot beef stew

Considering we’re stuck in the middle of Snowmageddon today, this recipe from Amanda at The Best Mom on the Block sounds like the perfect thing for supper tonight. Mmmmm, comfort food.


In case you missed it, this week was World Nutella Day?! What? Not that I’m anti-Nutella, but a day? Anyway, Don at FoodiePrints decided to join in the revelry and made these Homemade Nutella Waffles. So maybe World Nutella Day isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Nutella Waffles

Finally, I just unbuttoned the top of my jeans just writing this post. So, I’m going to round it out with this fantastic Superfood Granola from Jayda at Eat Whole Be Vital.



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